Program Description

Coaching One-to-One

Program Title: Coaching One-to-One

Program Description

This is a customised coaching program to meet the needs of your organisation. It may include prescribed psychometric profiling or This along with People Development Australia’s management and implementation of the coaching process tool makes this program a must for your leader development agenda.


  • 1 hour program induction
  • 2 hour one to one coaching
  • Optional retainer coaching

Who: Team members, supervisors and leaders looking to expand their behavioural suite or to focus on a specific coaching issue

Profile Used: To be determined during the coaching process

Suggested Format:

  • Participant program induction
  • 2 to 3 two hour coaching session
  • Development of 12 month action plan that includes behavioural change objectives, short and long term leader development goals.
  • Optional ongoing coaching and accountability process is available with this program


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