Team and Leader Consulting

Team and Leader Development

We offer a range of consulting team development services to help you with issues relating to your teams and leaders. Situations may include:

  • Team development
  • Interpersonal conflict between individuals
  • Dysfunctional behaviour within a team or leadership group
  • Dysfunctional behaviour by an individual
  • Blind behaviour that you need to bring to the attention of a staff member or a team
  • Growth of an individual or leader – development and coaching advice and planning
  • Development of specific behaviours identified in a performance review or training needs analysis
  • Planning and strategic thinking workshops
  • New supervisor or leader development
  • Increased interpersonal communication and trust
  • Increased employee engagement by exploring work expectations, interpersonal culture and job satisfaction
  • Improved interpersonal and people reading skills
  • Reduction of stress in times of change and work pressures
  • The provision of structured workshops and team development programs
  • Planning and strategic thinking workshops

We offer:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Psychometric testing and counselling
  • Coaching and development
  • Training programs
  • Team development workshops
  • Group meetings and discussion forums

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to determine if we are a good match with your situation.


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