How to lead with inspiration!

When the authors of The Work of Leaders asked 13,000 people to rate how inspiring they thought they were on a five-point scale, fewer than one in five gave themselves the top score.

Clearly people who think they’re inspiring are in the minority, yet many leaders also over-estimate their ability to ‘rally the troops’ – that is, to inspire their teams.

5 tips to stop gossip in the workplace

Gossiping about other people, and being critical of them, is a way of finding common ground with others, and of building up intimacy as you share information that is a little bit dangerous and private. Social scientists tell us gossip is a time honoured and popular...

Giving feedback in the workplace

Giving feedback is a crucial skill for leaders in the workplace. Performance reviews, counselling, rewarding, behaviour adjustment are all part of a leaders role in managing a team. The feedback sandwich, SIB and 360s are some of the tools and models used to walk this tightrope.

The Power of Introverts

The Power of Introverts Our workplaces, the way we meet, the way we teach and the way we interact in a team, is designed for extroverts. Open plan, group brainstorming, team projects and high profile “celebrity” leaders are all part of the rise of the “extrovert...

Why Conflict Is Essential To Forward Motion

When I tell people in my workshops that conflict is essential if teams are to perform well and be highly productive, it always provokes frowns and an uncomfortable shifting of chairs. “Do you mean that?” They ask. “Could we just say ‘strong conversations’ or ‘spirited...