Planning Workshops

Planning Workshops

Planning is crucial to an organisations direction and growth. It is generally recognised as the most complex and challenging aspect of management. Although it has traditionally been seen as the responsibility of senior management and the company board, successful organisations today recognise that all their employees need to practise strategy.  People Development Australia can assist you in developing your organisational and team plans by assisting with your planning workshops. We can assist you in developing key parts of the planning workshop process in the list below or in selected stages of the process depending on your needs

  • Planning to plan
  • Reviewing your past to leverage the future
  • Developing a vision and mission that relates to your teams and reflects the values of the organisation
  • Reviewing the internal and external environment to ascertain your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Setting goals, objectives and strategies
  • Developing action plans
  • Execution

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Basic value stream mapping can also be conducted to review your process operations and to determine enhancement strategies.

We can assist in the facilitation process or help you to develop a final product to present to the board or management. We can also assist you with conducting an on-site analysis workshop to review your statistics and other information with your team. Do you know what your retention rate is, what the expectations of your team members are, the level of customer satisfaction?

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