Team and Leader Consulting

Do you have a team or leader issue that you need assistance with? We provide a number of custom solutions to help you with resolving difficult issues or to grow and develop an individual or team. We provide consulting servicing through:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Psychometric testing and counselling
  • Coaching and development
  • Training programs
  • Workshops
  • Group meetings and discussion forums
  • Mediation

Planning Workshops

Are you planning to plan? We have a number of solutions to assist in preparing, conducting and assisting with planning workshops. We can assist with:

  • Planning to plan
  • Leader behaviour at each stage of the planning process
  • Identifying leader strengths in strategic thinking, getting buy-in and driving execution
  • Workshop ideas to assist you get the best from your planning workshop
  • Activities to engage staff in the planning process


People Development Australia can assist you with facilitation services for your next conference or workshop. The facilitation process involves a facilitator contributing to structure, process and support for your group, and to assist participants in meeting their objectives. We help you establish direction, break deadlocks and aid decision-making processes.

Employee Engagement

Are you striving to obtain maximum employee satisfaction while driving to get maximum employee contribution? We offer a number of support programs and services to assist you to develop and grow employee engagement. Our services include:

  • Interactive awareness workshops
  • Assistance with employee engagement strategy development
  • Leader and supervisor development
  • Employee focus groups
  • Review and development of employee engagement surveys

Access our resource library for copies of all our profiles and other team and leader tools


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