Our Programs

Leadership & Supervision

We help leaders and supervisors become their very best. We change behaviour and increase employee engagement. Our leadership training programs help leaders become more ‘people literate’, adaptable and engaging.


We offer a number of core leader development and coaching programs:

  • The New Supervisor
  • The Emerging Leader
  • DiSC Management workshop
  • 363 for Leaders feedback and coaching program
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence 
  • Neuroscience of Leadership 
  • The Work of Leaders
  • Organisational Leadership (6-12 months)

Teams & Groups

We help teams become their very best. We adapt behaviour and increase employee engagement. Our programs help teams work more effectively together, to discuss tough issues and to have team members who are more ‘people literate’, adaptable and engaging with each other.

  •  DiSC Workplace
  • The Team Circle
  • Managing Team Performance
  • The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence for Teams and Groups 
  • Neuroscience in the Workplace 
  • Work Expectations and a Positive Culture


DiSC Profiles


People Development Australia is a leading facilitator and provider of DiSC. We can conduct DiSC programs for you or tailor a program using DiSC to meet your needs. We have several programs that use DiSC to add value to our fresh and up-to-date content including:

  • What is DiSC?
  • DiSC Workplace
  • DiSC Management
  • DiSC Agile EQ
  • DiSC Catalyst
  • DiSC Sales
  • DiSC Work of Leaders
  • DiSC Five Behaviors
  • DiSC Comparison Reports
  • MyEverythingDiSC Website


Emotional Intelligence


Ask anyone to describe their ‘ideal’ boss and you find they commonly describe the outcomes of applied emotional intelligence – attributes such as self-awareness, empathy, self-control, good decision-making and someone who inspires high performance. Our programs include:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • DiSC Agile EQ
  • Emotional Intelligence Group Workshop
  • EI 360 Degree Feedback and Coaching Program
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Neuroscience for Teams and Leaders

We can assist you with a number of workplace programs that can assist teams and leaders to understand how the brain, thinking and emotions impact on how they manage time, decisions, interactions and performance. Some of our programs include:

  • Neuroscience in the Workplace 
  • Neuroscience of Leadership




People Development Australia has four communication changing programs to help your team become their very best at listening to others, having candid conversations and in developing their advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Candid Conversations
  • Personal Listening
  • Assertiveness Techniques
  • Advanced Communications
  • Giving Performance Feedback


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