Program Description

DiSC Agile EQ

Program Title: DiSC Agile EQ

Program Description

There are different ways to be emotionally intelligent. The term “agile EQ” refers to how effectively and efficiently a person can adapt to various social or emotional situations. This term especially applies to situations when you are trying to solve a problem.

Sometimes, we respond to situations without choosing our response. We just respond naturally. Reacting this way potentially leaves us unprepared to solve the diverse challenges that we will encounter in the future. Or worse, it could leave the people or the organisation on the receiving end of our reactions resistant to working with us in the future.

Having an Agile EQ mindset means being able to quickly identify the situation you are in and choosing the best response to match the situation.

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ establishes a foundation of the different responses that we can choose so that we can handle the social and emotionally charged situations when they arise. This program teaches participants to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

By combining the personalised insights of DiSC with active emotional intelligence development, participants discover an agile approach to workplace interactions and learn to navigate outside their comfort zone, empowering them to meet the demands of any situation.

Participants will discover their EQ strengths, recognise their EQ potential, and commit to customised strategies for building agility. The result is an emotionally intelligent workforce that can support your thriving agile culture.

The Agile EQ Program focuses on:

  • Discovering your DiSC Style
  • Understanding your EQ strengths
  • Recognising your EQ potential
  • Committing to customised strategies for building agility

Duration: Half-day, one-day and two-day and online workshops are available for this program.

Who: This workshop is for frontline teams, supervisors and managers looking to increase their understanding of their current behavioural strategies, exploring new strategies and working better with others.

Profile and tools used: Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile; Comparison Report; MyEverythingDiSC online learning platform.

Suggested Topics:

Learn about emotional intelligence

Participants will be introduced to the concepts of emotional intelligence and the benefits of becoming more agile in their approach to interacting with others.

Discover what EQ mindsets come naturally to you
Agile emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

Recognise other EQ mindsets and the value in each of them
Your EQ is not fixed. Developing your EQ can improve your interactions, productivity and outcomes.

Learn strategies and steps to adopt other EQ mindsets
There are different ways to be emotionally intelligent. Some of these ways will come naturally to you. Others are more of a stretch.

Equip yourself to reach for other EQ mindsets when the Situation calls for it
DiSC helps you understand the EQ mindsets that come naturally to you and how to stretch to those beyond your comfort zone.

The program includes a comprehensive 26-page research validated online assessment report that helps individuals to develop a greater understanding of their emotional intelligence strategies 

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