Program Description

Giving Performance Feedback

Program Title: Giving Performance Feedback

Program Description

Giving performance feedback can be complex, but there are some very clear guidelines for giving feedback to stay on the right side of appropriate management action. There are many reasons why things go off track when managers provide feedback. Sometimes, the manager is under-skilled in managing performance and the actions being undertaken to improve performance skate dangerously close to being unreasonable. On the flip side employees are often confused by the difference between reasonable management actions and bullying. The result being that workplace underperformance is not managed, accusations are made, and productivity suffers.

Duration: Half-day and one-day workshops are available for this program.

Who: This workshop is for team leaders, supervisors and managers who manage a team and are responsible for managing the groups performance.

Suggested Topics:

  • Advanced communication skills and interacting with others
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Affirming feedback and recognition
  • The difference between performance feedback and bullying
  • Having candid conversations 
  • Having coaching conversations 
  • Managing diminishing performance
  • Having performance conversations 

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