Program Description

Neuroscience in the Workplace

Program Title: Neuroscience in the Workplace

Program Description

This workshop focuses on understanding how the brain drives our emotional responses in the workplace. We explore how this understanding can be used to manage self and others to support well-being and psychological safety. You will gain understanding of the triggers in the workplace that can negatively impact upon our well-being and performance, how to view stress in a different way to stay cool under pressure, how to manage emotions and how to get better at managing your limited attention.

Duration: Half day, full day or two day program

Suggested Topics:

  • Key organising principles of the brain
  • How the brain drives behaviour in the workplace (prediction etc)
  • Multi tasking, focus management and productivity
  • How emotions are made
  • Brain prediction and constructed emotions
  • The architects of our moods
  • Self regulation and managing emotions
  • Neuroplasticity and changing old habits
  • Psychological safety in teams
  • Practical strategies to improve relationships, collaboration and engagement in your team


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