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Neuroscience of Leadership


Program Title: Neuroscience of Leadership

Program Overview

Our interactions are faster, more dynamic and require a greater capacity to embrace uncertainty and constant change.  These changes have resulted in a new suite of competencies required for leadership excellence.

With a greater understanding of how the brain drives behaviour, we have the opportunity to rethink how we lead ourselves and others.  

This program is designed specifically for tomorrow’s influential leader, equipping with the skills they need to build and manage high performing teams in a psychologically safe workplace.

Program Duration: 4 Days – 

This program is usually conducted over four months with pre module reading and post module activity. Customised workshops can also be delivered using content below

Suggested Topics

Attentional Intelligence

  • Why attention matters in the workplace and how it can dramatically enhance performance
  • Four components of the human attentional system
  • How multitasking impacts productive
  • Strategies to manage focus and improve your attentional intelligence
  • Why decision making is not a relational process
  • How to guard against cognitive bias derailing decisions

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is affect and emotional wake
  • Why emotions are contagious
  • The neuroscience of frazzle and stress
  • Practical tools and strategies to manage emotions and self-regulate
  • How to support others to implement strategies to manage emotions

Social Intelligence

  • How we are wired to connect
  • The impacts of social pain on the body and mind
  • Practical strategies to improve relationships and engagement
  • How to support others to implement strategies to manage their own emotions
  • The 5 key ingredients that are critical to high performing teams
  • Understand the biological challenges to change and how to overcome obstacles to change

Collaborative Intelligence

  • Why is psychological safety a key ingredient and how to link this with business performance
  • The role that leaders play in influencing psychological safety and engagement
  • How to cultivate a positive mindset for peak performance
  • The key areas of the brain involved in problem-solving and decision making
  • How to support collaboration, creativity and innovation
  • Why old goal setting strategies don’t work and what to replace these with 

Each module contains pre-program content and readings. Post program activity is required between modules.

Customised program material can also be undertaken using topics from the modules above. 

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