Program Description

Candid Conversations

Program Title: Candid Conversations

Program Description

One of the most debilitating and dysfunctional symptoms of poor teams is silence!

Mature people have the ability to get information out into the open from themselves and others, they have the skills and ability to bridge difference and handle emotions while meeting the needs of others. The can have frank and direct conversations while generating a safe environment to be candid about how they feel.

This program helps you and your team to create an environment where trust is a verb. It will help you create a ‘no whinge,’ non-blaming workplace that has high levels of communication, openness and trust while challenging participants to stretch out of their comfort zone when it comes to expressing information in the workplace.

Duration: Half-day, one-day and two-day workshops are available for this program.

Who: This workshop is for staff at all levels and can be tailored to a specific target group. It is for staff who find it difficult addressing tough issues within teams and groups or with individuals.

Suggested Topics:

The good the bad and the ugly – what are candid conversations?

  • When silence fails
  • How do we typically handle candid conversations?
  • Our best and worst behaviour – are you getting the results you want?
  • How to listen up when others blow up or clam up.
  • The feedback cycle in my workplace – The difference between performance reviews and day-to-day dialogue

 My style in handling difficult situation?

  • What issues do I face day-to-day that require me to have candid conversations?
  • Do you know yourself? What are the strategies you use in handling difficult situations?
  • Patterns of behaviour. Exploring my personal “winning” strategies for getting my own way.
  • Moving away from silence (withdrawing, avoiding, masking) and violence (controlling, labelling, attacking) toward open communication

Tools for candid conversations

  • Know how to be persuasive without being abrasive
  • Communication killers – how to fight clean
  • Victims and Villains and trust
  • Help others stay in dialogue
  • Know how to restore safety

Skills for getting things done when opinions vary

  • Talking honestly and openly with people no matter how delicate the topic or powerful the individual.
  • Stepping up to difficult conversations with confidence
  • Appropriate use of command
  • How to turn candid conversations into action and results



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