Program Description

DiSC Comparison Report

Program Title: DiSC Profile Comparison Report

Program Description

A DiSC Profile Comparison Report compares your DiSC style with the style of another person. It shows both styles on the Everything DiSC Relationship Map and explains your differences and similarities in six specific areas. You and the other person each receive your own version of the report, which includes customised questions to help you begin a dialogue about adapting your styles to work together more effectively.

Duration: 1 hour to a half-day is available for this program.

Who: The Comparison Report is a great way to set up post workshop activities to assist with the retention and understanding of program material. It can also be useful as a tool for two individuals or a group to understand each other style better

Profile Used: Everything DiSC Comparison Report

Suggested Topics:

  • Comparisons of two styles
  • Behavioural differences between to individuals
  • Interaction action plan

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