Program Description

DiSC Sales

Program Title: DiSC Sales Workshop

Program Description

Using the power of the Everything DiSC Sales Profile this interactive workshop offers your team a journey of discovery of their sales style while learning how to adapt your style to meet customer needs.

Duration: Half-day, one-day and two-day workshops are available for this program.

Who: This workshop is for sales representatives looking to increase their understanding of their marketing behaviour. It is also suitable for management teams looking to work together more effectively or for teams to enhance their management style.

Profile Used: Everything DiSC Sales Profile

Suggested Topics:

  • Understanding your sales style
  • Your sales priorities
  • Your sales strengths and challenges
  • recognising buying styles
  • Understanding what drives customers
  • Adapting to different customers needs
  • Customer interaction mapping
  • Customer interaction plan

The program includes a comprehensive 23-page research validated online assessment report that helps staff to develop a greater understanding of their stales style

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