Program Description

The Emerging Leader


Program Title: The Emerging Leader Program

Program Description

Through a journey of self discovery this program will challenge and inspire participants as they reflect on the many skills that turn individuals from being managed to emerging leaders that manage and lead others. This workshop is designed to enhance developing leader’s personal style and to support their leadership journey.

This program provides a strong reflection on your own leadership and management style while exploring how you adapt your style to manage your time, decisions and problem-solving activities. Participants explore their perspectives on how to engage others while directing and delegating and motivating others within the workplace. It provides in-depth personal reflection while providing practical techniques that create greater individual employee engagement, improved leadership and dynamic management abilities. The program can use a pre-course online profile (DiSC Management) and includes an exciting and reveling face-to-face workshop.

Duration: One to three day workshops are available for this program.

Who: This workshop is for emerging managers and supervisors looking to increase their leader and employee engagement skills while understanding their own leader behaviour.

Suggested Topics:

  • The new manager – your roles and skills
  • Know yourself, your style and that of your teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing and leading others
  • How to develop team engagement to maximise team satisfaction while developing maximum team contribution
  • Stepping up to the leadership challenge with passion
  • Effective directing and delegating
  • Teams and team roles
  • Performance management
  • Motivation and the environment you create
  • Grow your team and develop others
  • Working with your manager

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