What is DiSC?

What is DiSC?

People Development Australia is a leading facilitator and provider of DiSC. We can conduct DiSC programs for you or tailor a program using DiSC to meet your needs. We have several programs that use DiSC to add value to our fresh and up-to-date content including programs for your teams, managers and sales staff. We also are experts in 360 degree feedback with DiSC and Emotional Intelligence. 


We can facilitate a program for you or provide DiSC reports in the following areas: 

We provide: 

  • Bite size 90 minute programs
  • Half day workshop 
  • Full day workshops 
  • Online workshops
  • 8-12 Month workshop series 
  • One to one behavioural coaching
  • Two person behavioural coaching 

What is DiSC?

DiSC is one of the most widely used behavioural models in the world. We use it to help understand human behaviour and to provide an easy-to-interpret model based on whether someone is people or task orientated and outgoing or more reserved. 

It is simple to understand, easy to use and provides real “ah ha!” moments on an individual basis.

Why use DiSC?

The main reason for doing a DiSC profile is to learn how to be more adaptable. It is used in programs to assist people on an individual basis to become more self-aware and leads to opportunities for a more advanced and personal experience within development workshops.

Unlike many variations, the original Wiley Publishing Profile is based on extensive research and has a proven track record and proven results. We make a significant investment using in Wiley Publishing profiles as they are evidence based and have reliable outcomes for our clients.  

Benefits of DiSC:

There are many benefits to using DiSC, including:

  • Helping people to understand their own behaviour
  • Assisting us to learn how and when to adapt our behaviour
  • improving communications
  • Promoting appreciation of difference
  • Easing frustration and conflict
  • Enhancing individual and team performance

There are many other benefits and uses for DiSC and, coupled with our customised program material, a profile can add significant value to your training experience.

How it works?

Step 1 – You add your participants to our DiSC registration spreadsheet (Name and email address)

Step 2 – We send your participants an introductory email with a online DiSC survey link 

Step 3 – Participants fill in the online survey (15-20 minutes) 

Step 4 – We send you the PDF DiSC reports or bring printed copies to a DiSC workshop

Step 5 – We send participants a link to the MyEverytingDiSC website portal or to DiSC Catalyst for post program material, 

Much more than DiSC

People Development Australia uses DiSC as a tool – we know it will not be the solution to every situation or to every development need. That’s why we design our programs using our content and content from a variety of up-to-date, fresh and reliable sources to make every training experience targeted to your learning and development needs. Reification is taking an abstract model and thinking that it will explain the world. Humans are much more complex than that! The developers of DiSC know that and we practise it in all of our programs that use personal profiles. 


The key to using DiSC effectively is to understand that whatever your DiSC profile is, it is just perfect for you. There are no good or bad profiles. And no matter what your profile is, there will be times when being yourself will work just fine for you, and there will be times when it doesn’t work. At times like this, when being yourself does not produce positive results for you, you need to be able to adapt your thinking and behaviour to be more effective. What a privilege it is for us to be able to take this journey with you!

Our experience 

We are accredited by the world’s leading DiSC provider and we have access to the latest research and online assessment tools. We have developed an excellent track record with our clients for delivering successful outcomes using DiSC methodologies when tailored with our own program material and using our experienced facilitators. 

Our experience with many industry tools has also shown us that Wiley Publishing DiSC tools add the most value to people development programs – that’s why it is our first choice when we deliver basic development workshops through to advanced programs.  

Need more information 

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